Don’t say something you will regret out of anger

There used to be a boy with a high temper. He wasn’t able to control his temper anyhow. Hence his father decided to assist him deal with the temper, just like any other father would do.

The father gave the boy a bag of nails and instructed him to hammer a nail into the fence every time he lost his temper.

On the first day, the boy hammered 46 nails into the fence. Gradually, the boy began to control his temper over the next couple of days and the number of nails hammered onto the fence decreased. It was easier for the boy to control his temper than it was to hammer nails into the fence.

Eventually, it came a day when the oy didn’t lose his temper at all. Excited, he shared the good news with his father. The father then suggested that he should now pull out a nail every day he kept his temper under control.

As days passed on, the boy managed to pull out all the nails for every day he had his temper under control. The father however took his son and led him to the fence. Here is what the father had to say:

‘You have done well, my son, but look at the holes in the fence. The fence will never be the same. When you say things in anger, they leave a scar just like this one. You can put a knife in a man and draw it out. It won’t matter how many times you say I’m sorry, the wound is still there.’

The lesson is quite clear that we should mind our actions and words because we cannot undo what we do and say.


Doing Business and Company Registration in Kenya

Kenya has been ranked second in World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business index in East Africa. It is one of the largest economies in the East African Community and the 65th largest economy globally. Kenya has been regarded as a technical, financial and communications hub in East Africa.

Since 2004, Kenya’s GDP has grown at average rate of 6% with a Per Capita GDP of $1,991. Once you register a company in Kenya, you get access to the East Africa Community that has a market population of 150 million and a GDP of $145 Billion.

In the recent past, a couple of factors have attracted foreign direct investments to Kenya. They include:

  • Macroeconomic Stability: Kenya’s GDP has experienced a steady growth annually
  • Supportive Demographic Dividend: Kenya has a large young generation with a high disposable income. Also, the young generation has a growing demand for goods and services
  • Improvement in Governance: The Kenyan Government embraced key and critical political reforms that have since strengthened governance.
  • Security: The political climate in the country is at normalcy as such businesses have picked up and are booming gradually
  • Ease of Doing Business: It is comparatively easier to do business now than it was a few years ago. In this regard, the country opened up to regional trade and supported infrastructure.
  • Investment in Infrastructure: The government has, in the recent past, invested heavily in infrastructure such as the rail way, roads and other aspects that have boosted the economy.

The Tax Regime in Kenya is well elaborated with the tax rate for personal income ranging from 0 to 30%, VAT at 16% and Corporate Tax standing at 30%.


Entity Subsidiary Company Branch Company
How Long does the Company registration process in Kenya Take? 10 Days 10 Days
How long Does it take to Open Bank Account?  5 Days 5 Days
After how Long can you Invoice and Hire  15 Days 15 Days
Minimum Number of Directors and Shareholders  1  –
Foreigner Can own the Company 100% Yes Yes
Can the entity hire expatriate staff Yes Yes
Tax Identification Registration required Yes Yes
Access to Kenya’s double Tax treaties Yes Yes
Can bid for Government Contracts? Yes Yes
Can Secure Trade Finance? Yes Yes
Can Secure an Import and Export Licence? Yes Yes
Can Easily Convert into a PLC? Yes No
Can Secure Work permits for foreign Employees and Directors? Yes Yes
Multi Currency Bank Accounts Available? Yes Yes

Suicide rate in Kenya: Are we to blame? Yes!

Since January this year, more than 12 students have committed suicide. This figure could be higher, only that these are the reported cases that caught the media’s attention. These are young men and women taking their lives every now and then leaving the nation enthralled. Apart from students, there have been a couple more cases of people taking their lives in bizarre circumstances. Remember the young man who jumped from the 17th floor crushing to his death? Ever since that time, October 2018, there have been at least 80 suicidal deaths reported in Kenya. Out of this, more than 20 cases involved students. This is shocking and atrocious at the same time, right?

Why are young people killing themselves? This is the question asked by all stakeholders including institutions of higher learning, parents and the society at large. If we go back in time, 10 years ago it was a big deal to hear of suicidal deaths. It was something that happened once in a blue moon. Thus we are absolutely dumbfounded when suicidal deaths happen almost on a daily basis. So why is this happening? Is there anything the society is doing, or rather not doing now that used to be done back then? Here are my thoughts:

Pressurized Generation

I tend to agree with the fact that the generation we have right now is quite under pressure; the pressure to fit in and adapt to a very dynamic environment. This is a time where the environment keeps on shifting form every minute. Whatever worked yesterday isn’t working today. Back then we used to work with a story that’s no longer true now. The story of studying hard to get a good job, a great family and a ticket to financial freedom. It is no longer true because the rules of the game changed. Now, these kids are struggling to get a grip of their lives in an undefined ground where they are unfamiliar with the survival tactics.

Where is the motivation of studying hard while the rates of unemployment are plummeting to their peak?  I honestly feel that the system is to blame for this. These are different times, but the system is still the same! The pressure created is too much for these kids to handle. Instead of a system that trains them to think a job, can we come up with one that trains them to be a job, to become productive out of their passion, purpose in life and creating a career out of this? Pointing a finger at parents, let’s stop pushing kids to take up profitable courses. I would rather identify their passion and purpose, then push them in such a direction. This is what we need like yesterday. Do not force an artist to become a doctor. It won’t work!

Failed Parenting

Parents, are we so busy with careers that we have forsaken our sons and daughters? We have left them at the mercies and care of the house helps. It is good to establish a career, but be careful not to lose your kid while at it. Have some adequate time with your kids. Let them see you as a confidant, let them open up to you and trust you and be vulnerable with you; that way you will be in touch with everything that goes on in their lives. You will be surprised how at how much of their lives your kids share with the house help that you don’t know. I am surprised when some parents claim to have provided every material need, and that suicidal thoughts are unwarranted; not understanding that it takes more than that to raise a child. Walk with them; challenge them to be strong when tides rise. Who else should do that if not you? Remember an established family is better than an established career. Your kids are more important than your job. Realign your priorities.

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Not Scripted For Hardships

Sometimes it is good and essentially important to let kids feel the pinch. I refer to the pinch in a number of perspectives; financial, emotional, physical, et al. Let them know that life is not just a straight path to the destination. It is important to let them know that they cannot have it all as they desire. Introduce some hardships to them as they grow up. They need to know that stuff is earned through hard work. Understand that “NO” is equally a perfect response.  Teach them how to experience rejection. Let them understand that this is part and parcel of life. One thing for sure is that, at one point, they will face hardships. If not ready for this, they will give up the first instance. It is unbelievable that 18 of the 20 cases reported were out of love. Are these kids really prepared to face the scorching reality of life when they can’t handle mere rejection by a campus kid? Parents and guardians, please allow these kids to harden up. Don’t let it be “kababa” and “kamum” even when they are supposed to fight their own battles. Toughen them up a little bit. Not too much though, just a bit. Proverbs 29:15 says that The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself brings his mother to shame.” It is never too early to punish your kid. It is the right way to ensure they get it right from the tender age.

Finally, children are a gift from God. They are tomorrow’s pillars. It is our duty to ensure that they get there upright and alive. Suicide is robbing us of tomorrow’s greatness. We cannot continue watching young people die every day. Let’s go back and take up the mantle. There is still hope. Let’s create a generation that will stand upright and be responsible. Would you want us to coach your youngsters into responsible and visionary young men and women? Talk to us through +254 780 00 66 10 or send us an email to

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3 Kenyan Pastors vs Apostle Richard Takim on NTV #Sidebar

I didn’t get to watch this week’s episode in totality; I did watch half of it though. I’m gonna speak up my mind and thoughts with all due respect. I was drawn by the heated debate that was on this week’s NTV #Sidebar hosted by Ken Mijungu. It is a weekly series that highlights some of the contemporary topics that affect Kenya in particular. Well, this week’s topic involved the church, and a number of Kenyan pastors were on the panel alongside a Nigerian Apostle. The discussion revolved around the donations politicians give to the church that has drawn massive criticism from the flock and other stakeholders. Also, there was the question about a politician being accorded much time and airplay at the pulpit at the expense of normal church service routine. Everything was fine with the discussion, until when our Kenyan pastors decided to embarrass themselves. The basic question by Ken Mijungu was, “Why are you allowing politicians to give looted money to the church?”.

As usual, just as you would have guessed, our Kenyan pastors took turns to defend themselves and the politician’s generous handouts. I will not go into details of who said what; but I was personally perturbed by the fact that of the 3 Kenyan pastors, none of them used the scriptures to ascertain the bottom-line of their sentiments. All they did was utter theological gibberish every now and then whenever defending the politicians. At one point, House of Grace Bishop, in a gist of pride, said that he cannot stop a politician from donating stolen money if he doesn’t have proof that the money is actually a loot. This, in particular, brought so many points of view as far as the spirituality of our pastors. Ananias and Sapphira, in the book of Acts 5, lied. Apostle Peter didn’t require evidence. He knew in the spirit that they had lied. So this Bishop from House of Grace, they ought to be more spiritual and less physical. Elias Otieno from PCEA Limuru on the other hand, I heard him say that, even though they are not quoting the scripture, they know it. This was after he was unable to define the meaning of the Church according to the Bible. What’s the point of knowing the Word if you will not apply it in such a critical discussion?

On the panel, there was one Nigerian Apostle Richard Takim who seemed to disagree with the Kenyan pastors. It was evident on how much the Kenyan pastors despised him, ganging up against him every time he tried to articulate his point. It got so heated that it almost got personal with the Kenyan pastors. In his sentiments, Apostle Takim pointed a finger at our Kenya counterparts for entertaining politicians because the politicians had so much to give. This rattled the Kenyan pastors pretty much. This point really threw them off the radar since from that point onward, they had nothing meaningful to say! It was no longer about the scripture anymore, rather just innuendos. Apostle Takim put it across in simple language, that as far as we are receiving handouts from politicians, we will never stop having these conversations. You want to know what I saw and heard in my perspective? Here it is:

Theology is not necessarily Spirituality 

A degree, masters or a doctorate in theology doesn’t qualify you to a calling. The three Kenyan pastors just proved this to me. I could see how much our pastors were struggling to respond to questions tossed to them by the Nigerian Apostle. He was speaking from the spirituality point of view, challenging them on why their spiritual roles had failed the church. There was no single Kenyan pastor who used the scripture in their descriptions. It made me wonder how pastors, leaders of the flock and ambassadors of Christ couldn’t use words from Christ to defend their views. It was even awkward when the Nigerian pastor directly quoted the Bible leaving them agape wondering how to respond. From the Bible, spiritual leaders could see beyond the actions and the intents of their flock even before the flock acted. No wonder they decided to gang up on him, claiming that his faith was baseless. I mean, he is talking from the scripture and you on the other side are talking from logic and your own understanding. Whose faith should we question?

One point that the Nigerian Apostle made that was superb was, you can know the type of tree you have by the fruits it bears. As such, if our churches have these corrupt politicians, it means that the church itself is questionable. If the fruits are just corrupt individuals, the pastors should be questioned as well. These are some of the perspectives that really angered the Kenyan pastors.

It is in the voice, for them

I think it’s common to find a Kenyan pastor twisting his voice to sound commanding and divine. You know, the “blesh you” kind of voice. And “thish plashe” gimmick. To the Kenyan pastors, it is in the voice. To the Nigerian Pastor, it is in the scripture. Thus I realized no matter how much the voice sounded deep and commanding, it is was just in vain whenever challenged in spirit. Thus says the Bible, you need to test every Spirit. Because not every one of them that “bleshes” you is in Spirit. I could particularly see how House of Grace and Redeemed Bishop struggled to push through theological perspectives by unleashing the typical Kenyan pastor tone. Is it time our pastors worked on their spiritual realm and not on their voices? I think it is. I always believe that you really don’t have to shout to drive a spiritual point home.

No longer gospel ministry, but an industry

For a while now the gospel realm has taken different paths with gospel artists and pastors being on the receiving end. This discussion unveiled to what extent pastors can go to defend the hands that feed them. It is no longer about Christ but about the excellence of our religious institutions. At one point one of the Kenyan pastors boasted on how many followers his Church has that he doesn’t not have an account of his flock. He failed to understand that Christ never marveled in multitudes. He was concerned with the few who were there for the right purpose. It was shameful on how a discussion that was supposed to be based on the scripture ended up shaming our men of collar. Nowadays it is about who can excite the crowd the most. That’s why they will always preach what the crows wants to hear. Not really what Christ would teach. But anyway, is it my business? It is none of it.

Lastly, does this explain the shambles in our country?

I will refer to a verse that got my attention and that absolutely blew my mind. Honestly, our country is not in such a great state. Things are happening left right and center. Could it be due to something we did or something that we comfortable with? Do our spiritual leaders really understand the spiritual context of the quagmires that are in this nation? I bet not! They are busy munching; they have their mouths full. An excerpt from Joshua 7

The Lord had said that everything in Jericho belonged to him.[a] But Achan[b] from the Judah tribe took some of the things from Jericho for himself. And so the Lord was angry with the Israelites, because one of them had disobeyed him.[c] 

I will skip to the verse 4

4-5 Joshua sent about three thousand soldiers to attack Ai. But the men of Ai fought back and chased the Israelite soldiers away from the town gate and down the hill to the stone quarries.[e] Thirty-six Israelite soldiers were killed, and the Israelite army felt discouraged.

Joshua and the leaders of Israel tore their clothes and put dirt on their heads to show their sorrow. They lay facedown on the ground in front of the sacred chest until sunset. 7 Then Joshua said:

Our Lord, did you bring us across the Jordan River just so the Amorites could destroy us? This wouldn’t have happened if we had agreed to stay on the other side of the Jordan. I don’t even know what to say to you, since Israel’s army has turned and run from the enemy. Everyone will think you weren’t strong enough to protect your people. Now the Canaanites and everyone else who lives in the land will surround us and wipe us out.

10 The Lord answered:

Stop lying there on the ground! Get up! 11 I said everything in Jericho belonged to me and had to be destroyed. But the Israelites have kept some of the things for themselves. They stole from me and hid what they took. Then they lied about it. 12 What they stole was supposed to be destroyed, and now Israel itself must be destroyed. I cannot help you anymore until you do exactly what I have said. That’s why Israel turns and runs from its enemies instead of standing up to them.

Pay attention to what the Lord said in verse 10. This is what the Nigerian Pastor has been trying to prove all along; while our Kenyan pastors were busy bashing and opposing his point of view. Our pastors have disregarded this. It is either they know, and assuming it whatsoever, or else, they are not in spirit at all. I think the latter applies. From the points I noted just above, it is very clear that our churches are missing the point and missing it by far. If this nation is to get healed, we ought to listen to the Lord and not to our “pastors”. We ought to follow what the Lord says. We can only hear of Him in spirit. It is time you asked your pastor of they are in spirit. Because if they are not, then you have been financing a business empire; and God might not be so pleased with this. Whatever I saw on national television was shameful. Honestly, I think we need an overhaul of these theologians. They are typically the ones who shouted “Give us Barabbas” (Mathew 27:20 But the chief priests and the elders persuaded the crowd to ask for Barabbas and to have Jesus executed.)

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JK Invent – Good to Great

JK Invent is a movement founded by Cypher Africa Holdings CEO John Kinyua. The initiative seeks to equip the generation with innovative skills that will enable them to come up with effective skills. In partnership with the government and other stakeholders, JK Invent will ensure that we have more qualified manpower to offer technical skills whenever needed to.

The initiative looks at aspects which include digital solutions, training and mentorship, developing ideas into business venture as well as research and development. Additionally, the venture will look at technology transfer from developed countries, in order to keep the continent at par with the global development.

I Stopped Chasing Money, Here Is What Happened

I used to believe that being rich is an achievement until I realized that one can never get enough of money. I began chasing money when in primary school. I used to mend shoes for my friends. I had an attractive handwriting; guys used to come to me for calligraphy whenever writing letters to their girl/boyfriends. Well, hard times and tough circumstances pushed me hard to get a few extra coins through all means possible. In class 3, we used to repair toys with my classmate Brian Mutua.

We got paid either by cash or the owners would allow us to borrow the toy for a day or two. I didn’t own one of them brick-games and game-boys so borrowing was a viable option too. The same thing happened in high school, the calligraphy guy! In campus, I was relatively good in IT so I used to repair comrades’ machines just to get extra coins. It gave me much experience by the way; I became a software guru. I remember earning a fortune from BCom students by writing a few pascal lines for them (ashamed of this though, totally wrong). How much was the fortune you ask? Well, 2,000/- was a great deal back then. With that, you were literally a big-wig.

It was a great experience though because I got to train myself in a number of fields in order to offer services on demand. My career grew pretty fast; I was offered a job while in the 3rd year by a software firm in Nairobi. The schedule was so tight that I was given options to either drop out of campus, or sacrifice the job for my degree. I chose to stay and finish my studies.

After graduation, the path was quite set ahead of me. I worked in a number of countries in Africa, offered professional consultancy services across the globe and life was good. All this time, I was doing it for money. I was chasing after the pay. The concept of getting rich is the real-life equivalent of the siren song that seduced sailors to crash into the rocks in Homer’s The Odyssey. Money doesn’t give you satisfaction. I learned this the hard way. So I stopped chasing money, and this happened:

I decided to become a person of value. This meant investing more into my skill and passion, ensuring that I was really good at what I did. It is very important for everyone to build their capacity. With value, the money will come. People pay for value and they do so dearly. Money can get you just as far as the effort is worth, but the value will sustain and keep you there and beyond. Sometimes I usually have a hard time when paying for a service because I always demand an assurance that I will get value worth what I paid for.

In the service industry, it is sometimes easy to dodge unsuspecting clients, by providing to them with services that are not worthy of their pay. When you invest in yourself, you also dictate on your worth; otherwise, everyone else has a right to put their price tag on you. You can only define your worth by measuring how much value is in you. Yes, you need to add an extra title on your name, but do you have value alongside the title? Some peers have a number of titles to their names, but the value! Close to none. There is nothing as embarrassing as people having so much expectation only for you to deliver so little. When you seek to become a person of value, success will follow you.

Value is a ticket to satisfaction. It is one of the basic elements of pursuing one’s purpose and passion. Self-actualization is achieved when one is able to live the dream. Passion will get you to love what you do. Love what you do by doing what you love. Eventually, you will live your dream. Success is not just about material rewards. Don’t push yourself too hard in searching for money. Desire to become a person of value. Take every opportunity available to equip yourself with the right tools and elements. Do not become the best, rather become the right person!